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August 25, 2011


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Please note that my clipart sets are not FREEWARE. They must be purchased through my website: if you are going to use them in ANY project.

More Terms below:

TERMS OF USE / License & Copyright Information (PLEASE READ) : updated June 2011
When you purchase a graphic from JW Illustrations, You need to follow these License and Usage Rules listed below

A- GRAPHICS NON-PROFIT/PERSONAL USAGE: You can use our graphics on any personal project as long as NO profit/ money is made.

B- GRAPHICS COMMERCIAL USAGE: If you wish to use our graphics to create a commercial product to sell, you can purchase  with 2 license options:

1- Commercial Credit Required: You must link back to with our designer name intact , credit should be placed on the page where you display the product.
  i.e GRAPHICS by JW Illustrations © JESSICAWEIBLE.COM  ( clickable link)

2- Commercial No Credit Required:  If you do not wish to credit and link back to us then  you must purchase with this option. You pay extra fee for this option ($20 usd for clipart SETS and $5 usd for clipart SINGLES) and you do not have link back to

Without Licenses you cannot use our products in any commercial activity.

***All Credits must be placed on the same page as the product ( in product description)  NOT on seperate pages. If you do not follow this Rule. You will be contacted by our Copyright team to make sure your crediting is appropriate.

***If you are a Designer selling at Print on Demand sites ( such as zazzle, cafepress.etc) or if you are a  retailer or Wholesaler and produce more than 1000 copy of any products
you will need to purchase the License for Mass Production. Found (HERE) Our Small Commercial License does not cover mass produced prints.

DIGITAL PRODUCT DESIGNERS: You can use our cliparts personally or commercially to create digital printable files. Files must be flattened , enough amount of your own design added as Invitation, wrapper, topper, wall art or any other digital printable file to make it a new design.
File must be personalized for your customer and sold as flatten JPEG or PDF file. You cannot sell our graphics used as template printable, as blank for others to personalize or customize. For example blank invitations, blank toppers, blank collage sheets, blank pendant or sticker sheets. This is absolutely not allowed.

PRINTED PRODUCT DESIGNERS: You can use our products personally or commercially to create printed stationery , hand made or printed cards, brochures, flyers, businesscards, all sort of printed party or stationery elements, games, jewelry, clothing, accessories, home decoration..etc
You can also create stationery or other PRINTED products at Zazzle, Cafe Press, Etsy and in your own store.
LOGO AND WEB DESIGNERS: You can use our products commercially to create Logo and web designs to sell. for logo design use the cliparts as part of the design. You may not sell graphic as is as LOGO by itself.
for Website/ Blog templates, banners, headers, footers, buttons, store fronts only if the design is flattened 72 dpi absolutely cannot be extractable.

DIGITAL SCRAPBOOKERS: You can use all our graphics for your personal projects.

COMMERCIAL DIGITAL SCRAPBOOKERS: You cannot sell our cliparts or papers in a commercial Scrapbook kit even it is altered.

EMBROIDERY  DIGITIZERS: You can use our products personally or commercially

TEACHERS, EDUCATORS: You can use our products personally or commercially on digital game or educational sheets. You must credit with a clickable link inside your PDF file and on your blog or wherever you display the file. Without credit we do not allow this use.

* You cannot sell our graphics as is and claim as your own. All copyrights remain with JW Illustrations.

* You cannot share graphics for free ( teachers must design a descent project / game to offer free digital download PDF files and must place our clickable link inside the file)

* You cannot use our graphics to create products and sell on a competitor website. For example do not create an invitation/ card, template/clipart set and sell on a digital download mall who is direct competitor of JW Illustrations.        

* You cannot make blank digital products like blank invitations, toppers, wrappers, party printables and sold. All digital products must be personalized and send to specific customer as PDF or Jpeg format. No digital products for others to customize are allowed.


Due to the digital nature of ITEMS, there are NO REFUNDS on items delivered electronically.
JD DIGI DESIGNS / JW ILLUSTRATIONS reserves the right to modify discounts at any time without giving you prior notice. Your use of the Site following any such modification constitutes your agreement to follow and be bound by the Agreement as modified.
If you have any questions about my Terms of Use you may contact me at

Thank you,

Jessica Weible
Graphic Design + Illustration
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Afina79 Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Question - What, if any, license would I need to purchase to be able to use the designs as inspirations for cookies/cakes/cupcakes I create for personal use? (Not talking about printing anything out or digitally using) But to use as inspiration - Credits always given, that is a given.
NohbodysAngel Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2011
I bought a couple of your cliparts C:

I love them, I can't wait to buy a big pack..
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